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Example post sheet

Each team receives after the start a sheet with the check point descriptions and the coordinates. You have to transfer the check points to be approached to the map after the start.


The following information can be seen on the item sheet:

1. Course and category information

2. Distance and altitude climb

3.Coordinates of the check points to be checked in the given order

4. Text description for each check point

5. Coordinates of manned radio posts in the field (for emergencies)

6. Telephone number for unsubscriptions during the race or abort

7. Information about emergency procedures


Example of check points (Pontresina 2010)

Example check points


Further Information about the Swiss coordinates system

Attention: For easier reading we don't ad the 2 (X / East) and 1 (Y / North) in front of the new 7-digits coordinates ! You find just 6 digits for each coordinate, please check our example.



Example check points