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Mandatory equipment

Das The equipment on the check-list is mandatory and can be checked by an official during the competition. The euipment leaflet is ready to download. This sheet must be filled in completely, signed by both competitors and handed over ath the registration booth.

Equipment Leaflet (English)

Information and tips about equipment

Following equipment you are obliged to carry with you
Comp. 1 Comp. 2 Team
1. One Tent with groundsheet: it must be able to stand alone and to be closed at both ends (no bivouac bags).     X
2. Sleeping bag: suitable for nights at an altitude of approx. 2000 metres above sea level (no rescue blankets or sheet sleeping bags). X X  

Orienteering shoes, running shoes or trekking shoes with at least 5 mm sole’s grip. No tennis shoes!

X X  
4. One Torch or headlight per person: Good enough to find the way for at least 3 hours. It is mandatory that you take spare batteries for each torch. X X  
5. Food: Needs to last for the whole competition. At the finish of day two there must be food left for at least an additional 12 hours per person. X X  
6. Clothes protecting the whole body from cold, wind and wet (jacket and pants). Spare clothes, jumper or fleece, hat, gloves. X X  
7. Stove: plus fuel, pan and lighter or waterproof matches. There must be energy for at least two hours. At the finish of day 2 there must be enough energy to boil at least 1 litre of water.     X
8. First aid kit: with at least elastic bandages, disinfectant, plaster and pain killers.     X
9. One compass: GPS-systems are forbidden!     X
10. One whistle per person X X  

One rucksack per person: Water resistant pack or content protected by plastic bags.

Control of equipment
Your equipment will be checked thoroughly after crossing the finishing line. Teams with incomplete equipment will be disqualified!