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How the event was born

The international Karrimor 2-day Mountain Marathon was first organized at the beginning of the seventies by Gerry Charnley in England by order of Karrimor International ltd., an English manufacturer of rucksacks. Dieter Wolf brought this idea from England to Switzerland: 47 teams were at the start of the first Swiss Karrimor 2-day Mountain Marathon in Muothatal in 1976. The event has gradually grown to today's size. Over the years several thousand lovers of the mountains, nature and sport from about twenty countries have been able to smell the «Karrimor and MIMM air» in 24 different regions of the Swiss Alps.


After some structural and personal changes at Karrimor ltd. in England and Salewa Sport ltd. in Switzerland a new partner had to be found for the event in 1997 so as to achieve a balanced account. Arova-Mammut, a Swiss firm manufacturing mountain sport equipment stepped in spontaneously, so that the event had to be changed only little; under a new name its organization could be secured for the next few years.


The long cooperation with Arova-Mammut ltd. came to an end in 2002. With «R’adys Outdoor & Snowwear» in Lachen a new sponsor could be found in 2004.


The earlier Karrimor 2-day Mountain Marathon, then the MIMM for several years, and today’s Mountain Marathon are unique in Switzerland. Apart from several very successful similar events in England and France there have also been some attempts at organizing such an event in Norway, Australia and New Zealand.