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Why do people always participate in the Marathon?

The fascination of a Mountain Marathon is difficult to describe, but those who have taken part in the event, be this as a participant or a helper, seem to have caught a special sort of passion, which can perhaps be described with the following key-words:
- The experience of nature in the beautiful world of the Swiss Alps
- The experience of togetherness with partners and competitors in the midst of nature and in competition
- The cultivation of old friendships – among friends and people with the same interests
- The exploration of regions which you would perhaps never learn about if you were on your own
- Finding out about one’s personal physical and mental limits
- The optimizing of effort and effect, first when packing your rucksack, then when having to decide about which route to take and to cope with the race itself, and finally when recovering in the camp
- Doing and experiencing something new
- Being able to reach the finishing line (for many participants the Mountain Marathon is one of the most important sportive and social events in the year)

For those who organize the event there are further elements:
- We think it a great thing to be able to organize an event together with our friends
- At known or unknown places we always get to know many people who appreciate and support our work
- And after all the pain and trouble that the event causes in our team of organizers we see all the happy faces at the finishing line of the second stage, which has always encouraged us to organize another Mountain Marathon