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Courses and Categories

The SWISS INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN MARATHON SIMM is a two-day orienteering race in the mountains. All participants start in a team of two, no matter if male, female or mixed. There will be an overall standing, the handicap is calculated by age and gender of the participants. Beyond the given checkpoints, every team chooses it's own way by map and compass. Furthermore, safety equipment (first aid), food supplies and equipment for the overnight stay are mandatory and will be strictly checked. The complete equipment must be carried in a backpack by the participants themselves during the entire event.


Orienteering Marathon

Orienteering-Marathon is the most challenging category in both, navigational skills and endurance. Most of the way will be offside the paths, advanced or professional athletes and orienteers will love it.
Trail Marathon

Theses categories are simplier in terms of endurance and orienteering skills. A possible track is already marked on the map, only a few checkpoints are given. The way follows mostly the alpine hiking paths and other leading lines. This category enables athletes with high motivation of running/hiking but poor orienteering technics to participate at R'ADYS MOUNTAIN MARATHON. The short distance is also appropriate for walkers and nordic walkers.
Score Marathon

Before the kickoff, each team gets a list of possible checkpoints with their individual scores depending on their level of difficulty. The goal is to gain as much scores as possible in a certain amount of time. Excess of time means a loss of points.

Handicap System (Parcours Score)

Instead of different rankings for each category, the teams will get a credit of a certain amount of minutes per hour depending on their age and gender. The goal is to boost the competition between the individual teams.

Orienteering Marathon
1: STRONG (ca. 64 Lkm)
Orienteeringtechnically demanding course for very experienced competitors
1.1 Open  


3: LIGHT (ca. 48 Lkm)
Orienteeringtechnically demanding course for experienced competitors
3.1 Open  
3.2 Women, Mixed, Family  


5: SCORE ( 5 Stunden pro Tag)
Orienteeringtechnically demanding course for experienced competitors
5.1 Handicap  
Trail Marathon
7: STRONG (ca. 64 Lkm)
Technically easy, long course along trails. For good athletes
7.1 Open  
9: LIGHT (ca. 42 Lkm)
Easy course along trails. For fun-runners, walking / nordic walking
9.1 Open